CuiZine: The Journal of Canadian Food Cultures / Revue des cultures culinaires au canada nourishes intellectual exchanges on the subject of food from multicultural perspectives. CuiZine features explorations of Canada's diverse food cultures. Drawing inspiration from the way food moves across languages and cultures within Canada itself, CuiZine also nurtures broader discussions of the way food defines, distinguishes, bridges and translates across cultures.

An integral aspect of ethnic identity and cultural production, food acts as a window into multiple cultural publics and thus lends itself to various interrogations through, for example, ethnography, history, material culture, literary studies, sociology, anthropology, religious studies, art history, communications, and environmental studies. CuiZine aims to provide an innovative academic forum for interdisciplinary discussions surrounding the diverse culinary cultures of Canada and beyond, while also providing a venue for dynamic creative content on the subject.

CuiZine encourages submissions that emphasize site-specific regional foodways across the country, whether it is an historical examination of first-generation Sri Lankan immigrant cooking in Toronto, a socio-economic study on the role of seal in Nunavut food culture, or a literary analysis of Duddy Kravitz's smoked meat escapades. CuiZine also invites contributions on the translation of foodways across languages, cultures and communication formats.

At the same time, Canada's ethnic groups and cultural practices are not understood in isolation or as static phenomena. Rather, they evolve constantly and, in a nation of immigrants, interplay off each other. CuiZine hopes to foster this cross-cultural exchange by demonstrating the centrality of foodways to Canadian cultural identity.

The journal also serves as a creative outlet for food-themed written and visual pieces. Poetry and prose submissions should feed our minds, and aesthetic pieces should engage our senses.

A peer-reviewed e-journal published by McGill Library, CuiZine accepts and publishes entries in English and French. CuiZine is indexed through CAB Abstracts and World Health Databases.

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